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Known issues with release 2.0.1

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Known issues with release 2.0.1 Empty Known issues with release 2.0.1

Post by Admin Sun May 02, 2021 3:03 pm

A bug in version 2.0.1 caused the Mackie Control action to loop in the search for midi ports if the selected Midi ports are not present when Stream Deck starts. The log file increased very quickly (logging this error over and over) and filled the disk rather quickly.  As soon as the Mackie Midi ports are available everything will return to normal.

This problem is fixed in version 2.0.2.

If you have had this problem you may want to clear the log files. To do that - go to the plugin folder and delete the "pluginlog.txt" file and (if present) the "logs" folder (the complete folder including files)

Plugin folder:

  • Windows folder: "%appdata%\Elgato\StreamDeck\Plugins\se.trevligaspel.midi.sdPlugin"
  • Mac folder: "~/Library/Application Support/com.elgato.StreamDeck/Plugins/se.trevligaspel.midi.sdPlugin"

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