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Cubase 12 and Streamdeck

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Cubase 12 and Streamdeck Empty Cubase 12 and Streamdeck

Post by Tremolux Tue Oct 17, 2023 10:12 am

First of all I want to thank you for all the time and energy you put into the development of this plugin!

I use Cubase Pro 12 on Win 10.
Im a well-versed Cubase User but never touched the theme of Midi Remote Controls.

So I was glad I could setup the Cubase Key commands quickly in streamdeck (with your guides)
I was also able to setup the Cubase Midi plugin.
Though in my streamdeck I see a dropdown menu like this:
Cubase 12 and Streamdeck P4xqhZmkPwxxAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC

It works to trigger the mute for specific channels.
But I couldnt manage to access send on/off
I want to add a "mute Reverb send" button to my Streamdeck.
So I tried the Midi Plugin.
added a button for "send CC" ch 1  CC 15 button type push
and in Cubase 12 I opened the new Midi Remote
added Elgato Streamdeck device with the In/Outs from loop/Midi
and now its working. Via the Cubase Midi Remote panel I can assign any button to any command (also to vst quick controls).
For me the Streamdeck Midi Plugin setup seemed much easier, than the actual Cubase Midi plugin.

Did I overlook something?
I have the feeling that I missed something about the Cubase Midi setup. Embarassed
But im glad, that the Midi Plugin works with the new Cubase 12 Midi Remote Very Happy

Thank you!

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Cubase 12 and Streamdeck Empty Re: Cubase 12 and Streamdeck

Post by Admin Tue Oct 17, 2023 11:04 am


I haven't checked, but I assume you could have done the same with the Midi part of the Cubase plugin and the Generic Remote in Cubase. But using the new Midi Remote as you did is better since Steinberg has announced that the Generic Remote will be removed in a future update.

The Cubase plugin was designed to allow for a straightforward plugin configuration where you simply select a command preconfigured in Cubase.

The Midi plugin is much more flexible and versatile, at the cost of a more "complex" plugin configuration.

I see the Midi plugin as the way forward since the (Midi part of the) Cubase plugin will stop working when Steinberg removes the Generic Remote from Cubase.

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