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The Yatzy app is removed from Google Store

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The Yatzy app is removed from Google Store Empty The Yatzy app is removed from Google Store

Post by Admin Fri Dec 01, 2023 8:23 pm

I have decided to remove the Yatzy app from the Google Store. I'm sick and tired of Google's constant new requirements that need to be met, coupled with threats that if I don't comply with the new requirements before a specific date, they will irrevocably remove the app from the store without any possibility whatsoever of getting it back. All in the name of "giving users a better experience".

If they find something important, I could understand if they said, "We will disable the app until you have made the required changes", but how irrevocably removing an app used by thousands of users will give these users a better experience is beyond me. But I don't need to care anymore. Google, goodbye.

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