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Tip: Recording articulations and automation data

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Tip: Recording articulations and automation data Empty Tip: Recording articulations and automation data

Post by Admin Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:49 pm

It is fully possible to configure Stream Deck buttons to interact with data from a Midi keyboard in real time in order to add controller data. The simplest example could be to use a Stream Deck button to send Control Change message 64 to act as a "sustain pedal".

Depending on your gear and environment this might work out of the box or it might require quite some configuration.

The main scenario here is that you have a Midi keyboard, the Stream Deck and a Daw, and that you want the combined output from the midi keyboard and Stream Deck to be recorded at the same time on the same track in your Daw.

Depending on the functionality of your keyboard and your Daw, there are a number of possible configurations:

1. Connect both your keyboard and your Stream Deck directly to your Daw but on different Midi ports.
This requires that your Daw can receive on multiple ports and merge the result to one track. Cubase/Nuendo can do this while other Daws might not be able to do this (e.g. Pro Tools cannot).
This also requires that there is a midi port in the system that Stream Deck can connect to. If the Daw does not supply such a port you can e.g. use loopMidi as described in the plugin documentation.

2. Connect your Stream Deck to Midi in on your keyboard and configure the keyboard for "Midi thru" so that the output from your keyboard is the combined data from both Stream Deck and the keyboard itself.
This requires that your keyboard can be configured for "Midi thru" in such a way that the midi stream to your Daw really contains data from both sources. Komplete Kontrol keyboards cannot do this, other keyboards might be able to do it.

3. Connect both your keyboard and your Stream Deck to some kind of "middleware" that can merge the midi data from the two sources and forward it to your Daw.
This is your only choice if your Daw cannot handle multiple midi in ports and your keyboard cannot handle Midi thru. The configuration is somewhat more complex since you must install some kind of middleware (e.g. OSCulator or Bome Midi Translator) and configure rules to route multiple MIDI Input ports to one output port.

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