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Lumidesk Empty Lumidesk

Post by rick14 Thu Oct 20, 2022 6:04 pm


Im working on making my StreamDeck work with Lumidesk DMX Light Control.

I downloaded the midi plugin and LoopMidi and made a 2 virtual midi ports. 
Now i can assign a LIVE control to a Note on/off on my StreamDeck and i works fine.
But on my Streamdeck i can see wich button is activated so i made 2 icons (1 logo and a green mark).
I switched the button type from 'push' to 'toggle'.
If i press on the streamdeck button the live action starts on lumidesk and the icon on the StreamDeck changes to the green mark, thats super.
But if i want to turn off the LIVE action on lumidesk and press on the same streamdeck button nothing happens in Lumidesk, but the green mark changes to the logo.
Than if i press again on the button the LIVE action in lumidesk turns off and the logo on the streamdeck changes to the green mark again.

How can i make the logo turn in to a green mark when the LIVE action in lumidesk is on and when i press again the LIVE action turns off en the green marks returns to the logo?

With Kind Regards
Rick van Roekel
the Netherlands


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Lumidesk Empty Re: Lumidesk

Post by Admin Fri Oct 21, 2022 12:05 am


I don't think that you can do that with the Note On/Off button, but you can try the following script with the Script button:


You need to change the channel, note, and velocity to the correct values for Lumidesk. The script will send the same note on/note off every time you press the button (since that seems to be what triggers a state change in Lumidesk) but will alternate between the two images.

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